Psytrance Mix 2015-10-13

Another showcase of my diverse repertoire ;). This time probably the most psy-oriented mix ever. Certainly dark and progressive. Starts as slow as 134 BPM, which should be suitable for women with children and elderly people. Just kidding, I would like to play full-on psytrance at 140+ someday.

And yes, it features Simon O’Shine. You can never know.


01. Simon O’Shine – Nuummite (Original Mix)
02. Danny JW – Guardian (Original Mix)
03. Gaudium & Bakke – Therapy Comedown
04. Chris Oblivion – I Have A Black Dog (Original Mix)
05. Fire Starter & Tagtra3umer – Humanism
06. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Human Brain
07. Arctika – Like a Dream (Metronome Remix)
08. Gaudium, Easy Riders – High on Lucy (Original Mix)
09. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Teleport (Album Mix)
10. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Time Travel
11. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Native Wisdom
12. Activa – Magnetic (James Dymond Remix)
13. Magnus – Satin (Original Mix)
14. Pulsar & Liquid Sound – Song For The Sun
15. Open Source – Too Weird To Live
16. Pavel Tkachev – XSyon (Original Mix)

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