Uplifting Mix 2015-10-06

New uplifting mix uploaded today. Massive tracklist, featuring preview of my new track “Bliss”. Enjoy!


01. Emanuelle Braveri – In The Universe (Akku Remix)
02. Zirenz & Sebastian Montano – Sentinel of Life: AWOT 2015 Anthem (Rene Ablaze Remix)
03. Mar She & DJ T.H – Sun (Akku Remix)
04. Woody Van Eyden & Dan Stone – Chambray (Dan Stone Mix)
05. Mart Sine feat. Andrea Britton – Cast Away (Alex Shevchenko Remix)
06. SMV – Evening Star (Original Mix)
07. Dreamy – A Moment To Remember (Steve Morley Remix)
08. U-Mount – Airliners (Original Mix)
09. Dreamy – Rapid Fire (Original Mix)
10. Anna Lee – Fjords (Delight Remix)
11. Dan Delaforce & Saunders – Razorblade (Alex Phade Remix)
12. Ascania – Folding Space (Original Mix)
13. Etasonic – Isar (Original Mix)
14. DNRJ – Revolution (BluSkay Remix)
15. TrancEye – Jaguar (Original Mix)
16. Emanuele Congeddu & Allam – Redemeer’s Sundown (Etasonic Vocal Mix)
17. Arman Bas – I See Your Face (Akku Remix)
18. Damian Dziechciarek & Luca Dean – Back In Time, Far Away (Skylex Remix)
19. Warmonger – Bliss (Original Mix)

Don’t quite have time to explore XDJ-RX possibilities, but the mixes will be coming sooner or later.


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