Tech Trance Mix 2015-09-19

Okay, let’s keep it up! 17 tracks in just 76 minutes is kind of kickass.


01. Mark Richardson – Mekanikal (Original Mix)
02. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Raze
03. Dreamy – Then There Was (Phil Parry Remix)
04. Frank Dueffel – Adiabatic (Original Mix)
05. Icone – Luna (Skyborn Remix)
06. Frank Dueffel – Trigger (Mostfa & Mostfa Remix)
07. SkyAlmost – Rome (Stephane Badey Remix)
08. Zach Zlov – Spellbound (Truenorth Remix)
09. Kinetica & Dave Wright – Snapshot
10. Mark L – Collision (Original Mix)
11. Talla 2xlc – The Spring Is My Love (Indecent Noise Remix)
12. Dreamy – Zap Cannon (Original Mix)
13. Syntouch – The Longest Journey (Unbeat Remix)
14. Driftstorm – Hypnotic Skydive (UP3 Remix)
15. Frank Dueffel – Capsaicin (Extended Mix)
16. Colin McNeil – Cloudscience (Kinetica Mix)
17. U-Mount- Princess Of The Moon (Original Mix)

I figured out how to use ambiguous function “master tempo” to mix all the tracks in key, as I like. XDJ-RX algorithm feels really good and doesn’t distort tracks like¬†Ableton does. Now it’s time to conquer the world.


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