New free track: Casting Shadows

I’ve been talking a lot about production recently, but didn’t publish any finished track over last months. Today I just want to give away my newest psytrance creation: Casting Shadows.

This tune was made in 3 days only, just to prove I can do that. I started with just the title and key in mind. It was all improvised. Psytrance turned out to be very easy to make: just dump random melodies, presets and samples and you’re done. It’s the mixdown that takes most time – make sure everything flows nicely together and every sound is heard clearly.

Keep in mind that I’m still into uplifting trance, so the track hits like a truck and may be not compatible with rest of genre. Still, it will nicely fit my own sets.

To be honest, making a track in 3 days makes some sense. Making one for 3 months does not, no one has time for that. Expect tons of new sounds from now on.


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