Live at EDM Day, Amplitron (05.11.2014)

This is the first time I’m in official line-up of any event not hosted by myself 😉 It’s not easy to play any trance in Warsaw, few weeks ago even Adam Ellis ended in half-empty club. So I’m happy that someone enjoyed this set at all.

To play live I picked only biggest and trusted tunes. No time to experiment on stage.

01. James Dymond & Harmonic Rush – Dymond Rush (Original Mix)
02. Vlind – Democracy (Original Mix)
03. Peter Hulsmans – Second Drop (Jimmy Chou Remix)
04. Reorder & Darren Porter – The Void (Original Mix)
05. Warmonger – Investigations (2nd Mix)
06. Ciro Visone – Second Coming (Icedream Remix)
07. Helix – To Love Again (Dave Walker vs. Touchstone Remix)
08. John O’Callaghan feat. Jeniffer Rene – Games (Standerwick Remix)
09. Jonathan Carvajal – Ten (Vlind Remix)
10. John Askew – Plush
11. Ikerya Project – Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark (Original Mix)
12. Oliver & Tom – Carvalho (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix)
13. Acid Test – The Domino Effect (Original Mix)

I like the Pioneer mixer which is different than setup I use for radioshow. Not so precise in terms of frequency, but allows to kill any sound immediatelly. The drawback is that there is no easy way to scroll tracks by a whole phrase, for example. Still, now I feel pretty confident with club-standard setup and look forward to play on some real party.


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