Dance2Trance (Episode 007) 13.08.2014

Today’s show is sponsored by major keys. It turned out both more techy and more uplifting than usual, which is cool.

01. Indecent Noise – Witch Hunt (Second Sine Remix)
02. Steve Morley – Rain From Heaven (Rhys Thomas Remix)
03. Indecent Noise – The Darker The Better (Original Mix)
04. Existence – Rise Above (French Skies Remix)
05. Mostfa & Mostfa – Nosara (French Skies Remix)
06. John Sunlight – The Red Phobia (Kinetica Remix)
07. Denis Reukov feat. Selecta – Let Me (Athema Remix)
08. Kinetica – The Journey (Original Mix)
09. Matt Skyer – Reflections Of Love (Original Mix)
10. Sunset – Under The Sea (Philippe El Sisi Remix)
11. Alpha Duo & Johan de Kock – Eminence (Mitex Remix)
12. Ciro Visone – The Day After (Reiklavik & TrancEye Remix)
13. Classic: Ace Da Brain – Sunset (Warmonger edit)

At least two DJs that I know of, that is John 00 Fleming and Indecent Noise, edit and chop their tracks to make them fit better in the mix. I tried the same, this is why this episode features as many as 13 tracks :). Pure energy and lots of uplifters once they kick in, enjoy!


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