Dance 2 Trance (Episode 003) 16.07.2014

So much tech.


01. Andy Moor – Fade To Light (ReOrder Remix)
02. Steve Raw – Amelia (Original Mix)
03. Hassan Jewel – Perception (Nivaya Remix)
04. Marcprest – Dreaming Of You (Devious Minds Remix)
05. Memory Loss – Doppler Effect (Dreamy’s Techier Remix)
06. Memory Loss – Radiant Moon (Ally Brown Remix)
07. Ico pres. Twisted Design – Cursed (TrancEye Remix)
08. Sinerider & Materia – Supercell
09. Kinetica – The Stalker (Original Mix)
10. Jens Jakob – Magnesium (Original Mix)
11. Farzam – Last Word (Original Mix)
12. Classic: Ian Betts & Oceanforce – Polarise (Original Mix)

Another part of my radioshow. However, to call it a radio-show, the radio needs an audience. It turns out that our server is regularly breaking down and listeners are running low. This wouldn’t be the worst, but it seems unlikely to be fixed for now.

So, despice decent radio lineup and care about show quality, we’re not going to get any popularity until technical issues are sorted out.

On the other hand, it’s always better to have at least one listener than to have none at all. I wouldn’t make any other set if not this radioshow.

Either way, to actually get a fanbase and get noticed, I must get back to production.


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