New radioshow is coming

I just had this nice mix accepted for my new radioshow on Should give you some idea about what I’m after.



01. Aeden – Flying Cities (Original Mix)
02. Alex Pure – Moon (Original Mix)
03. Blue Sense vs Indecent Noise & James Dymond – Aurora Sunrazor (Next DJ mashup)
04. Lee Osborne – One Way (Original Mix)
05. Abstract Vision & Philippe El Sisi – Aerobatics (Original Mix)
06. Ben Gold feat. The Glass Child – Fall With Me (Sneijder Remix)
07. The Cosmic Doors – Tribute To A Dream (Matt Skyer Remix)
08. Changes – Obedience (Original Mix)
09. French Skies – Invictus (Original Mix)
10. Indecent Noise – Daybreak (Original Mix)
11. Nick Callaghan & Craig Meichan – Rectify (Original Mix)
12. Alessandra Roncone – Secret Influence (Imida Remix)

Will announce all the details once everything is set up.


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