Star Tales promo mix

I’m back with a new promo mix. Had this idea developing for a long time, finally it’s realized. The mix was supposed to be dark and cold as the outer space – progressive and melodic at the same time. It combines a number of different music styles, which blend together as one. There is a lot of progressive as well as psy and melodic / epic tranc,e but they all have this minor, sad feel. Just check how it turned out.


01. Airwave – Tigris & Euphrates (Original Mix)
02. Psy-Phi Generation – Journey (Original Mix)
03. Darkployers – Simul In Aeternum (Original Mix)
04. Skyline – Don’t Leave Your Dream (Alter Future Remix)
05. Solid Motives – Aga Viola (Original Mix)
06. The Blizzard & Daniel van Sand feat. Jaren – Teach Yourself To Fly (Original Mix)
07. Airwave – The Moment Of Truth
08. Ritmo & NOK – New World Order (Egorythmia Remix)
09. Activa – Antimatter (Original Mix)
10. Soultool – Liquid Voices (Original Mix)
11. 2Winds – Why (Original Mix)
12. Kenan Teke – Soma (Emre Yildiz Remix)
13. Ocean Star Empire – Woven Drops (Warmonger Remix)
14. Defcon Allstars – Lost In Haamiah (Original Mix)
15. Frank Dattilo – Hope (Original Mix)
16. Techyon & Mother Womb – Fountain of Light (Skyfall Remix)
17. Matt Skyer – Abyss (Original Mix)
18. Dreamy & Ikerya Project – Bahamut (Original Mix)
19. Frank Dattilo – Armageddon (Emanuele Congeddu Remix)
20. Gerome – Encrypted Depth (Witness45 Remix)
21. Zos Van Zindell – Falling Into Darkness (Original Mix)
22. Alex Project – Time (Dreamy´s Emotional Reflash Remix)
23. LekSin – Angels & Demons (Original Mix)
24. Sundes – Nostalgia (Another World Remix)
25. Ula – Sadness & Sorrow (Etasonic Remix)
26. Changes – Obedience (Original Mix)
27. Joze Linecker – Invisible Dropped (Martin Libsen Remix)

Download from 4shared

EDIT: I just discovered new Mixcloud feature:


Good news: another set in Summer Supply series is coming soon. Now, enjoy the mix!


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