Applied Magic is ready

Yes it is!

Just as I wanted. Loud, banging, but also clean and melodic. Not oversaturated or hissing, like most of modern productions. Also, the bass is huge in this one, just as I like. Actually I’m afraid some people may not stand it, but according to meter, it’s not overcompressed. For trance, the rule is the bigger => the better. It’s important to be louder than competition without sacrificing dynamic range. Making the tune from scratch and tweaking every part is the only way to achieve that, and I believe it was a success.

Too bad I didn’t get much feedback for this one, possibly due to recent Soundcloud and KVR issues. Anyway, here it is. Brace yourself, the magic is coming!

Here is the DR meter result.


Could be more, but it’s pretty typical for trance. I’ve seen some commercial releases with as little as 3.5 dB dynamic range, but they were unbearable in a long run.

And yes, I trust DR Meter more than my ears. My ears, are, well, mine and only subjective. DR Meter is objective and hopefully will work for the people who do not certainly enjoy powerful or overcompressed tracks, as I do.

As to the tune itself, it was supposed to be normal and typical. No extraordinary elements or sophisticated details. I just wanted to make something quickly, based on a knowledge I already have. There are some typical elements on bassline, typical percussion with prominent clap, melodies, single break with pads and huge Nu-NRG supersaw in the finale.

And the title? “Magic” means mystery, beauty and fantasy. There are many subtle sounds in the abckground which should work with that. I tried to avoid any modern / industrial sounds typical for tech and electro, leaving only 5 pianos or so. Why “Applied”? Well, that obviously stands for “applied siences”, since I’m an engineer :). The beauty comes from artistic inspiration and tehcnicla skills combined. I hope you enjoy this tune as much as I do.

Will try to hit the labels in a few days once I get more feedback on this track.


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