New tune incoming: Applied Magic

My next tune, called Applied Magic, is finished and ready for mastering. In case you didn’t hear it yet, here’s a short clip from Soundcloud.

Edit: updated with final version.

To be honest, that one was poor compared to full and pimped tune. Still, you can get the idea of an atmosphere.

This time I aimed for maximum dynamic range. Dynamic range is important, as it means the track is alive. Too little dynamic range makes the tune flat and tiring. Dynamic range is defined as ratio of max volume (usually 0 dB) and average volume over time. Everybody wants to make the track as loud as possible, but actually one sound can be “loud” only compared to another, which is silent. Overcompressed tracks (as the sample I attached – I know it) may seem powerful at first moment, but feel boring soon after. There is not much fun in listening to rectangular waveforms, as they end up.

Now, that’s being said, only a few know (and even fewer understand) ways to improve dynamic range. This issue is subtle, abstract and subjective. It is also difficult to estimate or measure. One way to help in your production endeavours is Dynamic Range Meter, which works both as a plugin in maxing chain and standalone meter for mp3. BTW, I got this idea recommended by Arctic Moon himself.

It shows that the optimal DR for trance is 5 dB, and tracks vary from 4.6 (heavily compressed, like TrancEye) up to 5.4 – very tight and banging style of Jimmy Chou, for example. The more initial DR you have before mastering, the more you can screw out of the track. My DR is:


12+. This means I can easily have 7 dB of headroom, as a consequence I can increase root mean square volume by over 7 dB, which is over twice as loud without degrading the signal. This is gonna be huge!

Will report the progress later, depending of spare time and tasks over the next week. See you soon!


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