First live performance

On last week I had a chance to show off my music (not the skills) to some audience, playing live from decks.


I can’t tell you the mix is any good,  moreover it was recorded in mono. But beginnings are hard 😛 Back in 2006 I also entered UKTA DJ Contest and got honorable last place, but only next year I already launched my own radioshow. Always move forward.

And here it is:

01. Warmonger – Inverse The Universe (Original Mix)
02. Eddie Bitar – Kaboom (Robbie van Doe Remix)
03. Nymark & Dryden – Indigo Skies (Original Mix)
04. Warmonger – Moonspeak (Original Mix)
05. System F – Spaceman (Space Raven 2013 Remix)
06. Tasso UK – Bedda (Daniel Skyver Remix)
07. Running Man – Immersion (Alternative Mix)
08. TrancEye – In The Air (Original Mix)

Ok, enough for now. Some really massive promo mix coming later, stay tuned.

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