Moonspeak is ready

It took me a while, but finally the track is complete and more or less what I wanted it to be. Totally twisted tech/psy banger with uplifting break kicking when you least expect them. Take a listen.

It already sounds professional, loud and proud and every next tune from me will do as well. That’s very motivating.

Still, the version you are listening to is unmastered yet. It should be simple just to maximize volume, but I will try to screw the hell out of it. There is just so much dynamic range left and no problems to fix, thanks to correct mix. This has a chance to be huge.

In case you wonder how I came up with so crazy track, there is a list of tunes from the past that inspired me in particular. They belong to many different styles and the outcome is unusual just as well. Still, I didn’t try to be very original, this is just how it turned out. Can you recognize familiar parts of these tracks?

  • Airbase – Tangerine
  • Darren Porter – Talisman
  • EMP – Attack of The Moose
  • First State – Evergreen
  • Indecent Noise – Acid Rampage

Get all of these if you don’t own them already.

Additionally, there are two interesting things to mention:

  • I’m preparing a massive tribute mix. For that reason need to go through about 180 singles, which may be additional tip for who the tribute is 😉
  • On the studies, I will attend “Testing of audio equipment” course, which hopefully helps me getting familiar with analog devices.

Stay tuned for more news.


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