Universal Groove promo mix

It’s been a LONG time since I shared any promo mix. Not counting yearly Spring Mix and yearmix, these were two years.

So here it is. Universal Groove.


All the forces in the universe united to kick your ass.

All the adjectives that describe this mix are: groovy, banging, club, dancy, powerful, heavy and hard, techy, twisted and crazy.

No progressive tracks, no neverending breaks, occasional uplifters. Only raw power of sound.

An interesting thing about it is that’s my first set mixed in key, out of about 250 till date πŸ˜‰ That was an interestting try. Tracklist looks really weird as there are some tech-trance tunes next to uplifters and psy, all mixed together. Still, melodies blend seemlessly. Also, all the uplifters turned out to be in minor key, while psy trance is in major – which is counter-intuitive, at least. Two tunes in same key can give very different feelings. So far I always ordered tunes from soft and progressive to hard and energetic, all by ear. Which often turned out well, but sometimes it was unpleasant suprise when tunes did not match at all the way I imagined.

Mixing tech-trance in key may seem an overkill, as this genre is eays to handle and has very little melody, if any at all. Still, maching keys allows mix to become perfect – hopefully it is. Enjoy it πŸ˜‰

Download from 4shared

Listen on Mixcloud


01. 5th Dimension – Hypnotical Force
02. Dave Wright, MG – Illustrious (Darren Porter Remix)
03. 5th DimensioN – Roses
04. Bowdidge & Taylor – Sidewinder
05. Sean Tyas & RAM – Beat Boutique (Sean Tyas Remix)
06. Jonathan Carvajal – Rawkoholic (Darren Porter Remix)
07. Conrad Winged – Cast Away (Martin Libsen Remix)
08. Narayana – Jet Fighter
09. David McRae vs. NuroGL – Fcuk It
10. Plummet – Damaged (Allen & Envy Bootleg)
11. Damian Wasse & Manuel Le Saux – Around Heaven (Dave Cold Remix)
12. Space Raven – Moonlight On Snow
13. Dreamy – Amphora (Jimmy Chou Remix)
14. Warmonger – Inverse The Universe
15. Ikerya Project – Ikerya On Acid
16. Ciro Visone – Lost Control
17. Robbie Van Doe – Devil’s Night
18. CJ Arthur & Adam Navel – Crescencia (Dave Cold Remix)
19. Locanda & Kuznetsow – The Tournament (Round 2 Mix)
20. Robbie Van Doe – Judgement
21. Touchstone – Elevate (MilamDo Remix)
22. Warmonger – Primal
23. Active Limbic System & Chris Voro – Compensation Neurosis
24. Rene Ablaze & Charles McThorn – Purple (Johan Ekman Remix)
25. Tonerush – Hold Them Back (TrancEye Pres. C.R.Y. Remix)
26. UDM – Saturation
27. System F – Spaceman (Space Raven 2013 Remix)

Just in case you forgot that phrase – enjoy the mix!


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