Orju.net has launched!

Orju.net is a music production site that continues with former The Serious Sound Network community.

Unfortunatelly, since few months ago our guru and admin, Xe-Cute, has passed, we need to abandom old forums and move to another place.

Orju.net is currently in beta stage, however with the addition of all the amazing WordPress features, it feels more clear and more functional that old TSSN, which was already good.

The main purpose of site is to share tutorials, production tips, plugins and samples, and of course to promote the music itself. Discussion board is also there of course, but former TSSN has alays been famous for its extensive database of useful content and not just chit-chat. I recommend this site for everyone who wants to improve knowledge about electronic music production.

I also contribute to the board myself, so meet me on Orju.net 🙂


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