The Serious Sound Network

TSSN is a forum of electronic music producers with long history.

The reason I decided to write about it is that recently I became moderator on the board and now feel responsible for the community 🙂

The main feature of Serious Sound Network is amazing collection of tutorials, guides and production-related tips. It includes also plugin presets, samples,midi packs and other. Particularly interesting is “how to create this serious sound” sub-forum, wehere experienced members help to synthesize specific sound on request.

Unfortunatelly, forum lacks active community apart from old users. We get dozens of visitors all the time, but little contributors, which is sad.

The reason why people hesistate to ask for help or contribute to the board may be the attitude of some members. Each time somebody asks a question: “How to make it sound better”, they answer: “Just try harder and you will make it someday”. Well, I don’t recommend that advice, as I’ve been trying for like 10 years with little success. Fiddling random knobs won’t get you anywhere if you don’t know WHAT you are actually doing.

Another approach is to threat music making as a sound engineering, which is sience. Music composition is also a sience, since there are many music school that teach it with notable success.

I spent years tweaking various syths for nothing, but creating really good track needs veyr different approach. You need to understand technical meaning of synth controls. It’s good to study manuals, books on synthesis and synth design itself.  I started on studies from the very basic idea of Fourier series and in the end got to synth programming myself. It is important to see how particular control or modulation will alter the sound before you actually hear it. Once you understand the theory, getting to right tune becomes much faster. And you always go the right direction, instead of just trying blindly.

If you dislike books and technical stuff, you can always watch some tutorials on our board. Any and all of them. You learn the most from tutorials that are simply good, so don’t look only for “right” tutorial that shows exactly what you’re after. It won’t work.

Every producer has different studio setup, and, moreover, different experience. What works in their track may not work in yours, even if it sound ok at glance. It is often important to sacrifice one sound to make the track sound great as a whole. There is no single tip to compose entire track, but once you know hundreds of single tips, you become wiser and just use them when needed.

That was quite an experience I wanted to share with beginning producers. If you are experienced producer, however, just post something on our board. That’s the best place for music tutorials 🙂



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