Warmonger – Nice is ready

My third track is finished and ready to play 🙂 Now I’m trying to promote it and get the tune signed. This is not easy at all.

When making this, I tried to follow a number of good old trance classics. In fact, I always do and always end up somewhere else, but this time the outcome is exactly as expected. These tunes inspired me in particular:

Ace Da Brain – Magic Waters
Ace Da Brain – Trinity (Aerial mix)
Cape Town – Proglifter
First State – First State
Gouryella – Ligaya
New Energy – Take Your Air (Nu-Nrg Extended Mix)
The Quest – C Sharp

So, only the big and the biggest hits 😉 Let me know if you can recognize familiar sounds.

As a wannabe audio engineer, I try to do everything myself – including Supersaw 2 synth used in several places. Another topic is mastering. If you compare 2012 sound with 2003-2006, you will notice huge difference. Tunes back then were clearer. Nowdays they are just over the top and, while everything has massive bang-bang bassline, melody got lost in favour of smashing and overcompressed beats. I would like to keep stuff harmonic and balanced, though.

In the end, Ace da Brain had totaly screwed mastering and audio quality, but his tunes are all-time classics. It is melody and flow that matter and the rhytm itself won’t make tune out of few random bass synths.

What are the plans for next?

Once i sorted out pretty much all aspects of tune composition, that is bassline (!), melody, percussion, flow, FX and mastering, I can do that with every next track. And I will do 🙂 Wish me luck.


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